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Rum Cocktails: Who Made Them First

Bar Trivia Time! The Cuba Libre (aka Rum and Coke) originated during the Spanish American War in 1898, in which the US allied with Cuba to fight for its independence against Spain. One day in a Havana bar, an American captain ordered a rum and Coca-Cola on ice, with a wedge of lime.  As other soldiers in the bar tried it, the Captain made a toast “Por Cuba Libre” (“For Cuba’s Freedom”) and the Cuba Libre was born.

Scottish Whiskey & Johnnie Walker

They say monks brought the knowledge of distillation to Scotland sometime around 1000AD.  It was originally used as medicine, but soon enterprising farmers realized that the leftover barley they used to feed their sheep could be turned into whiskey and sold to purveyors in town.

The Making of Baileys

In the 1960s, David Dand, a career liquor man from Ireland, decided to create a new product to expand business.  He wanted it to be uniquely Irish, something to reflect the good things in Ireland, which he felt were being overshadowed by The Troubles in Northern Ireland.

Tariffs made importing ingredients expensive so Dand and his team looked locally to see what could be used and saw a lot of dairy farms and whiskey.