Happy Mother’s Day! The prevailing theory is that the Mimosa was invented sometime around 1925 in the Hotel Ritz Paris by head bartender Frank Meier, but some credit should be given to barman Malachy McGarry, who, five years earlier, created the Buck’s Fizz as an excuse to begin drinking earlier in the day.  The Buck’s Fizz has a 2:1 champagne to orange juice ratio whereas the mimosa is equal parts champagne and orange juice.  (The Buck’s Fizz is named after London’s Buck’s Club, a gentleman’s club founded after WWI with the aim of being “less stuffy” than the other clubs of the day.)  The Mimosa is named after a yellow-orange flower popular with French gardeners.

May 16th is National Mimosa Day.  This annual holiday was created by freelance writer and cocktail enthusiast Jace Shoemaker-Galloway to celebrate the lovely cocktail.  

We like ours served with an orange slice, and maybe even topped with a sprig of mint, or try one of these variations:

The Poinsettia: cranberry juice with champagne (sometimes with vodka and/or Cointreau)

The Megmosa: grapefruit juice with champagne

The Soleil: pineapple juice with champagne